Heating system is inevitable part of home installations as well as office installations. To reach and maintain warm comfort in every interior during cold days, the best results can be achieved with our professional help. We will help you plan heating system in advance, as a part of integral household project. We can offer assistance in installation and Heating repairs Charlton. Don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you need help with heating repairs Charlton.
We also perform all installations of heating such as central radiator heating (on gas, oil, solid ore, electric, solar or attached to communal heating system). Planning in advance will provide the best results when it comes to long term heating in your home or in your office.
We use renowned manufacturers’ materials such as Vaillant, Buderus, Junkers, Ferroli-or some other manufacturer’s equipment and elements per client’s desire.
Besides classic radiator heating as the most common heating solution, we would also like to mention floor heating that can be installed individually or in combination with radiator heating. Floor heating is recommended in spaces that have good heating isolation and minimal energy loss. No matter what type of heating you choose, we will make sure that its every element is installed professionally and with highest quality. We guarantee quality of our work and following of all safety regulations and standards.
When it comes to internal gas installation, this is part of gas installation from main switch on home box to exhaust of chimney device. It includes gas armature, pipe installation, gas load, air filter for combustion. Internal gas installation includes non-measuring part, connection of gas meter and measuring part. Non measuring part is part from the main switch on house box to left switch of gas meter. Part of installation on the other side of gas meter (right from it) is measured part of internal gas installation.

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