Damaged toilet?Clogged sink? Burst pipe? Or anything in between?A blocked sink is inevitable. Living in an urban area where everything demands instant and speedy things ? life sucks when your sink cant work. A blocked sink Charlton service often receives customers complaints regarding their damaged sink or toilet. If you happen to have this issue at home, you can try several DIY methods before calling an emergency plumbing service.Clearing the plugUnderstand what is clogging the system. If you can reach out to the clog, then it should no longer be a problem. The blockage can actually occur when there is something that blocks the system such as a childs toy or food waste. Try to flush it a few times or use a glove to take out the clog.U bendThere is another way to tackle the problem using a U bend. This helps to look under the hole and find the clog. The bending feature helps you to adjust the movement down under. Dont forget to unscrew it slowly and let the water drain steadily.Use baking sodaThis is an all natural solution to be used in a clogged sink. When your toilet is blocked or your sink wont work, you need to unblock it using baking soda. Pour a cup of the baking soda and leave for 2 minutes before flushing it.Vinegar is also a great solution to be added in the sink. It helps to remove a blockage when mixed with warm water. The water should not be too hot or it will damage the pipe.If you are having trouble shifting through the clog, it is time to call a professional plumber that can help you with the job of blocked sink Charlton. Rest assured that an experienced plumber works faster and better than doing it alone.

How to unblock a sink

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