WC:If you see that water from the WC fails to drain away easily or completely overflows, then there is a confirmed blockage. Usually it will be in the water trap in the pan itself, which can be cleared readily. But before we proceed to how to unblock a blocked toilet Charlton, you should check the flow from other waste pipes in order to confirm how many pipes are being affected with this blockage. If it is affecting all the pipes, then the obstruction will be further down the line. But if it is not, you may carry out the following:For this situation use a large plunger. Hold the plunger in a way that its rubber end is used to cover the waste outlet at the base of the pan and then pump it many times. Repeat the process as many times as required. The waste water will flow away rapidly when the blockage is cleared. Rod out the blockage:If you dont know how to unblock a toilet if the plunger doesnt work, read on. If a plunger doesnt work, then the blockage may be of the worst kind. In such a situation, a large rodding auger can be used in order to access further along the pipe work. It is consisted of a rather flexible rod that can be inserted easily. On the top of it there is a mechanism that can be used in order to turn the claw at the far end, and at your end you use a winding handle. Now push that auger down the pipe until it reaches the obstruction and then turn the handle in your hand in order to dislodge it. Remember!If you are still not sure about how to unblock a toilet, remember that it could be further along in the soil pipe or drain runs itself. For hygiene purposes, it is sensible to put on rubber gloves with all the drain work.

How to unblock a toilet

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