A Blocked shower Charlton can be caused by minerals that come from hard water, soap and hair. There are methods that can be applied so as to help you unclog the shower drain effectively. If one method fails to work, you should keep on trying others until you have exhausted your options. When the blockage is too much to handle, a professional is the best person to call to handle the issue quickly and efficiently. How to unclogIf you want to unclog the shower, then you need to wait for a few minutes after you shower so as to give the water the chance to drain. Sometimes it is easier when the pipes dont have any water in them. First, the drain stopper has to be removed using a screwdriver. If there is a stopper, lift it and then find the tub level screw and unscrew it and its top section. You can flash a light down the drain. Many of the clogs may be occurring because of hair at the surface, and this can be removed by hand. Where a larger object is involved, you may need to call in a plumber. You can also use a snake that can be purchased or homemade so as to get rid of the solid objects. A Blocked shower Charlton can also be handled by a wire hanger. You need to unwind it to have a straight piece of wire with a small bend at the end that can be used to get those hair clogs out. A smaller hook is recommended for this work. As you wire the snake to the drain, you need to hold the flashlight well so as to see what you are doing. Hook the clog and pull it out carefully. Usually the hair will be stuck together as you are pulling, so it shouldnt be too hard to do.

How to unblock a shower in Charlton

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